The DataSYNCH Super Record is a unique look at individuals with both their consumer demographic info and their business info combined into the most valuable 360 degree view available.  Now it’s possible to create a list using both traditional consumer demographics plus business information such as where the person works and their job title. Never before has it been possible to find people at work, at home or at play – using targeted digital ads to round out an omni-channel marketing strategy.


Age, income, gender, location Title at work – hundreds available
Marital status, family size Type of business – by SIC or NAICS code
Education Work location
Hobbies and interests – hundreds of fields available Home owner/renter



The Property File is one of the most comprehensive sources for property owners and dwelling data nationwide. It contains over 140 million real estate property records—available for select and output.
You can access owner contact info and a host of property-specific fields—coupled with powerful household demographics.  Any of the fields in the Property File can be used for list selection and can be appended to your in-house database.
The file is available as a standard list output or a full file, customizable and accessible through the cloud.


Owner name & address Number of rooms Roof type
Deed type & recording date Number of bedrooms & baths Improvements
Property type code Garage size Fireplace
Assessed structure value Condition Fuel type
Assessed land value Pool Number of stories
Square footage & acreage HVAC Number of   parking spaces


Pre-Movers New Movers

If you’re looking for homeowners who are planning a move, you’ll find them with the Pre-Mover File. Weekly updates of nationwide real estate offerings are overlaid with the households’ demographic profiles from our comprehensive consumer database. You’ll find the audience you need to reach at exactly the right time.
New-Movers are homeowners who recently sold a home and are settling into their new one. Reach them at this critical time when they’re making major purchasing decisions.
Government File
You can find purchasing decision makers at city and county government locations with the Government File. Dozens of titles are available for selection as well as consumer demographics on many of these decision makers. Or select by the wealth score or population density of the surrounding community.


Budget Directors Public Works Engineers
Building Officials Tax Collectors and Assessors Housing Directors
Economic Development Zoning Administrators Parks and Recreation Directors
Finance Directors, Auditors IT Directors …and many more titles


Schools and School Districts

Contact decision makers at every level of public and private schools.  Find teachers by grade and discipline or find coaches by sport.  Support personnel are also included for food and beverage, facilities management and transportation.


Public/Private Grades attending facility
Religious – by affiliation Per pupil expenditures
Departments Community Wealth Score
Number of students (ranges) Location – ZIP, County, MSA or Radius Select


Healthcare File

Professionals from every aspect of the healthcare industry are available to contact by mail, phone or targeted digital ads.  Doctors can be selected by specialty in addition to nurses, dentists, fire & ambulance, imaging and administrative personnel.


Multiple Decision Makers Multi-facility Indicator
Number of Employees, Number of Doctors Annual Budget (actual or estimated)
Number of Beds Profit/Non-profit
Type of Specialties Offered Public/Private
Physicians by Specialty Wealth Score of Surrounding Community
Years in Business Property Data (sq footage, ownership, HVAC…)