With roughly 300M consumer profiles and 150M+ voter records, Voice of the Purple compiles one of the largest voter data sets in the world. We use our expansive data, technology platforms, and state voter files to create a proprietary dataset to help your campaign tailor messages to your specific target voter more effectively.

When the Right, embodied by red, overlaps with the Left, represented by blue, a distinct PURPLE emerges. This intersection symbolizes the convergence of ideological perspectives and the potential for bi-partisan cooperation. In the realm of political campaigns, targeting the PURPLE becomes paramount. Purple represents the swing voters, the independents, and those who may sway between party lines based on policy, candidates, or prevailing socio-economic conditions. Campaigns are won or lost on the ability to capture this crucial demographic. Crafting messages and policies that appeal to the varied concerns of Purple voters can determine electoral success. This is where the Voice of the Purple will help you capture and capitalize to win over these voters and get you elected.

Some Of Our Data Files


State voter files overlapped with our consumer database help us understand your voter.


One of largest consumer databases in the world with first name, last name, email, and Device ID.


Mobile Advertising IDs that allow us to upload and send micro-targeted social and digital campaigns.


Hundreds of millions of emails that allow us to serve persuasive messaging and branding to voters.


Our effective lists include mobile phone numbers in order to serve SMS messages to voters.


Our B2B file allows you to connect with various businesses around the country for fundraising.

Real Estate

This file allows us to geo target by address and understand home values so you can better communicate with your voter.

Other Data Attributes

We have compiled hundreds of demographic and psychographic attributes tagged to each voter.

Helping our customers succeed with our data-driven approach.

Marketing Channels For Data


Enhanced Email Campaigns to Boost Conversions.

Digital Display

Display advertising can be one of your most profitable advertising initiatives.


Video advertising puts messaging before, during, and after videos.

Social Media

We handle everything from managing and directing social conversations to the tactics..

Connected TV

Connected TV provides better audience efficiency and reduces media waste.


Our SEO experts know what works best for you and are regularly optimizing your site.


Creative services are done in-house to ensure the highest level of quality and a fast return.


Native advertising is the use of paid ads that match the look and feel of content format.


Our high effective mailing lists and support services allows our clients to reach the correct mailbox.


Podcast, streaming music, or digital simulcast, publishers can maximize revenue from their content.