Want To Become A Fitness Influencer? Here’s How To Start!

Fitness is a hot topic right now, not because it’s controversial, but because so many people want to be able to showcase their routines and ideas. It seems like you cannot walk into a gym without seeing someone taking a picture or even a video of them working out. Why are they doing this? Do they want attention, are they trying to impress someone? Actually, what many of them are trying to do is become fitness influencers.

What Is A Fitness Influencer?

Anyone who works out and commits to a healthy lifestyle is capable of being a fitness influencer. It doesn’t matter what you weigh, how your body looks or if you are able to compete in a professional sport. In fact, some of the most popular influencers are people who are themselves a little overweight and work a job or even two. Why are they popular? Because they connect with most people on a personal level. These people know they aren’t going to have 6-pack abs, but they want to get healthier and they want to learn from someone who is in the same situation they are.

How To Get Started

Make no mistake, this about building a personal connection with people. You are going to have to reach them on different channels including social media, blogs, chat features and even YouTube videos. You are going to have to produce a large amount of content each week because the week you take off is the week your followers forget about you.

Yes, this is a lot of work but the best way to start is to build social media accounts for your business, even if it’s your name. Then, get a website going, something simple but make sure it has a blog section where you can post videos and blogs every week. Always offer information that benefits your users whether it’s a workout routine, how to set goals, what to eat, what to drink and so forth.

The more information you share with people, especially personal experiences, the more they will enjoy the information and follow you, sharing your posts with friends and family. Remember to also try and connect with these people, letting them know that they are going to have struggles and it’s ok if you fall off the diet or skip a workout. The main goal is to make sure that it doesn’t become a habit. This helps you connect with them even more and can generate real loyalty from your followers.