Our consumer database is at the heart of many of the platforms and solutions we offer, and paramount to our value proposition.

  • 3 billion data records
  • All compiled and owned internally
  • Business and consumer data alike

280 million consumer profiles. Purchasing habits and comprehensive demographic information.​

Targeting that optimizing business-to-business marketing. Precise data on business executives and owners.

Data on vehicles owned and previously owned vehicles paired with other demographic info. Further data on purchase history and income.

Aimed at those marketing to homeowners. Clients are able to identify new homeowners, renters, details on income, family size and more.

Utilizing a combination of the nationwide database and our proprietary scoring system we have the most accurate propensity voter file in existence.

Gives clients the ability to optimize their digital
strategies and geolocate sales prospects. Email, MAID, IP, cookie, social handles, search history and geo history.