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Dr Silva Beauty

Dr Silva designs natural skin or hair treatments based upon each individuals needs. DR Silva is a proponent of functional medicine, figuring out the root cause of what ails the individual. DR Silva uses this philosophy to rejuvenate ones hair or skin and keep it functioning at its best. One aspect of our treatments that separates Dr Silvas therapies is the addition of AmnioWell.

About Dr. Silva’s Ultra Beauty

Treatments that have typically used PRP (platelet rich plasma), such as the Vampire Facial, can now be supercharged with exosomes and growth factors. PRP is an autologous fluid derived from one’s own blood which may contain seven or less growth factors depending upon the individual. AmnioWell contains significantly more: a university harvested and quantified 300 homologous (fresh from birth) growth factors and 52.6 billion exosomes per mL. Exosomes are extracellular vesicles that communicate between cells. The exosomes in AmnioWell send messages to the cells throughout your entire body to heal the location of injury and send these healing cells directly to the sight of inflammation.

Reasons To Use Dr. Silva’s Ultra Beauty

Dr Silva Skin treatments including micro needling, laser therapy, and chemical peels can now be administered much more effectively and heal more quickly with even more drastic results. Dr Silva puts together an in depth skin protocol based upon your needs. Patients can accomplish in one visit what may have previously taken twenty or more visits!


Dr Silva has created a hair system involving prescription topical compounds, vitamin and mineral supplementation, and procedures. Dr. Silva’s Ultra Beauty for hair is used to fully regenerate hair growth via microneedling of the scalp. AmnioWell is topically applied, the product is absorbed into the skin, and it promotes rejuvenation of the hair. Patients have seen hair growth starting within just a week. The number of treatments is based upon the patient’s individual needs.


Dr Silva’s Ultra Beauty skin therapy is a combination of in office procedures and AmnioWell accompanied by nutritional counseling, hormone management, compounded holistic topical creams,and take home therapies. We have seen tremendous improvement in individual’s skin from just one in office treatment and a short term of therapy. The one in office procedure often accomplishes what would normally take twenty or more office visits and to achieve.


Dr Silva’s Ultra Beauty therapies boosted by Amniowell have the ability to diminish scars significantly and even entirely. Both scars from birth and from recent injuries have shown great improvement. Scars are greatly reduced in just one treatment. Patients have diminished scars, eliminated sun spots, reduced wrinkles and fine lines, and improves overall skin texture, elasticity, and appearance. Some patients have reported a face lift like pulling and tightening of the face, from our natural treatments.

Dr. Silva’s Ultra Beauty Experiences

Dr. Silva works with each patient until they are completely satisfied. Each individual’s skins needs and goals are different and all therapies are tailored to those exact needs. Take a look at some of our patients success stories down below.

“I was astonished by the results from just one treatment. My friends tell me I look 10 years younger! Even in my twenties I didn’t have skin like this.”

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“I received a bad cut, from a bare knuckle fight in Mexico, that was stitched up ring side by paramedics. Somehow the Amniowell product not only diminished the scar, but also resurfaced my entire face.”

“I fixed the scar, so why wouldn’t I try growing the hair back? The result speaks for itself!

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“My skin had been a big issue in my life for a long time. I wanted to fix it but dermatologists could not figure it out. Within one AmnioWell session I saw a tremendous difference. The therapy has changed my skin and my outlook on life. Anything is possible! Thank you so much Dr. Silva and AmnioWell.”

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