Introducing our new telehealth service, VisitTek!

Billing Stewardship, Inc. (A Licensee of ClaimTek Systems) is now offering VisitTek for your practice! VisitTek is the telehealth system that was built with both your practice and your patients’ needs in mind. We believe that by helping you achieve your practice financial and managerial goals; we help you provide the best patient care possible.


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About Us

Popular Features

Many healthcare systems around the world together with government agencies and startup companies are building and delivering Telehealth solutions the future of non-emergency and routine healthcare.

  • Mobile Friendly
  • Browser Support
  • HIPAA Compliant Video
  • Time-stamped Sessions
  • Notifications
  • Multiple Profiles
Additional Features

Telemedicine Advantages

Built with both your practice and your patients needs in mind

Interactive Waiting Room

Complete Visits History

Content Direct Access

Friendly Direct Pay

Smart Provider Notes

Advanced Scheduling


We'll Help You do Telehealth The Right Way!

Customizing the cloud interface with your own practice identity (Name, Logo, Look and Brand) will create a professional presence for your practice, not just offering your patients another video calling service.

Customizable Cloud Interface

Your practice will have the ability to customize the cloud interface with your own practice branding (Name, Logo). This presents the feel of comparable to opening a new location than just offering your patients a video calling service.

Integrated Billing Features

Includes billing capabilities with codes being saved to a database and exportable to CSV.

Smart Scheduling and Efficient Visit Management

Allows your practice to text and email automatic reminders, patient scheduling, time-stamped links, and codes to access the waiting room and other key features that will impress your patients.

Increase Patients’ Care and Doctors’ Satisfaction

Access and share resources and graphic files directly within the telemedicine session screen. This provides patients with a seamless experience to get doctors to focus on patient care not on how to manage files.